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    Talus Partnership
    Specialist Services

    We have developed particular knowledge in a number of areas which enables us to provide advice to our Client's with specialist expertise.

    Schedules of Condition

    Schedules of Condition are required when it is necessary to record details of the present condition of the property. This can occur when work is being carried out to an adjoining property which may cause damage, or alternatively, at the commencement of a lease so that any further deterioration during the term can be identified. A schedule of condition could be described as a verbal photograph of a room or area.

    The benefit of such a schedule is to fix the condition of a property at a point in time, as a basis for subsequent negotiation, checking for damage or to save money for our clients. The schedules produced following inspection are also supplemented by a full schedule of record photographs.

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    Conservation & Listed Building Consultancy

    The practice members are trained in 'Listed Building and Conservation Techniques' for the sympathetic repair and refurbishment of historic dwellings.

    Our skill as building surveyors is in the diagnosis of defects, understanding how the historic fabric has been constructed and adapted over the lifespan of the building. We are expert in the repair techniques needed and the specification of works for its pricing. We can implement the works with a competent contractor, who should also have the necessary training in the appropriate skills and materials.

    Our philosophy for repair can be best summarised as 'Conservation, not Restoration'. Where the existing fabric is retained as far as possible, with repairs being undertaken using traditional techniques and using materials that are sympathetic to those already existing.

    Previously in our web site we have championed programme management and the speed in which projects should be completed and with a definite completion date in mind. With this particular conservation service, however, a lower tempo of work is best, with craftsmen not 'fast tracking' work but completing tasks using traditional materials in the right time frames. Lime based materials are particularly unforgiving to being 'rushed' and will only set in their own time and will not allow large lifts of masonry to be constructed in one operation.

    We are very passionate about the product that can be provided in this sector of work. We have never felt so proud as to complete some of our listed building projects where they are finished to a very high standard, but you do not know quite where the new works have been toothed into the old fabric... that is just how it should be.

    Life Cycle Costing Inspections


    Whole-life cost analysis is often used for option evaluation when procuring new properties and for decision-making to minimize whole-life costs throughout the life of an asset. It is also applied to comparisons of actual costs for similar asset types and as feedback into future design and acquisition decisions.

    The primary benefit is that costs which occur after an asset has been constructed or acquired, such as maintenance, operation, disposal, become an important consideration in decision-making. Previously, the focus has been on the up-front capital costs of creation or acquisition and organisations may have failed to take account of the longer-term costs of an asset. It also allows an analysis of business function interrelationships. Low development costs may lead to high maintenance or customer service costs in the future.

    Talus can help in the inspection process to set the component life cycles and work with a Chartered Quantity Surveyor to complete the exercise within the required timescales to the required accuracy

    Building Surveys & Reports


    Purchasing a property is one of the largest financial commitments that you are ever likely to experience and I can therefore only advocate that a building survey be carried out by a Chartered Building Surveyor, prior to exchanging contracts.

    Building Surveys (formerly known as a structural survey) are comprehensive specialist reports focusing on the construction and condition of a building, highlighting defects that may not be visible to the untrained eye.

    Ultimately a building survey will provide you with information that can be used to make an informed and sensible property purchase and can also act as a negotiating tool regarding the purchase price.

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    Defect Analysis & Building Pathology

    Sometimes as a property owner you may have concerns over specific building defects and issues noticed within your property. You may not know what the cause of the issue is and how you can stop it from deteriorating. Our surveyors can inspect, determine and recommend a solution to the issue encountered. Our expertise and detailed knowledge of building defects enables us to perform this service. This service like all our services can be tailored to your needs. On occasion some defects may require monitoring over a period of time to determine its severity or true cause. Through professional and expert inspections, accurate and informed determinations can be made over the cause of the defect to enable accurate and informed recommendations on remedial works.

    Snagging & Quality Inspections

    Snagging Inspections

    In an ideal world your completed project would be perfect. In reality, few are and most require some extra effort to bring them up to the required standard.

    Talus is highly experienced in undertaking snagging inspections in all sizes and types of property, domestic and commercial. So if you are extending your house, refurbishing an older one, buying or building a new one, or even building a new estate of houses, office block or shopping centre we can help you obtain the correct finish and a quality product.

    Our snagging reports will not only be a comprehensive list of the visible defects in your property, but our follow on advice will ensure you are not left in the dark.

    Construction Quality Inspections

    As part of our thorough service, we take a detailed look at your original plans, assess the design and construction details, inspect and monitor the quality of work on site. Domestic and commercial, of any size, we can help by reducing the risk of design and construction defects causing future problems; we can assist you to achieve a higher quality result.

    Specification Surveys

    As Chartered Building Surveyors we have an extensive knowledge of modern and older properties. All properties require maintenance and in addition, some owners wish to alter or extend their homes to meet their requirements.

    At Talus the principle has undertaken refurbishments to properties over 600 years old, right through to designing and building new dwellings and estates of buildings.

    A 'Specification' is a detailed document informing contractors of the works to be undertaken. This document specifies what materials are to be used, how they are to be installed and is often accompanied by detailed construction plans. Contractors price the Specification of Works and the tenders are compared on an item by item basis.

    By appointment we can survey your property and provide you with a 'Specification of Works' for all your construction requirements.

    We can also provide a full range of tender documents for Design and Build procurement. This will usually entail writing a bespoke 'Employers Requirements' document tailored to your individual scheme.